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Photograph: Frog with Snails on Head. Credit: Tanto Yensen.
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Valle Della Luna Ecology
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Fern Cottage Gardens
Neomura Garden Design

Current update (April 2020) - website under construction 

During these strange & unprecedented times we are offering a delivery service of all Horticultural products in York & the surrounding areas so people can enjoy their gardens during lockdown. Green space is very important for mental health hence your garden It is important to look after the plants and the wildlife within whilst up-keeping isolation philosophy. This is a good chance to help pollinating insects, endangered species in your local area and to feed the birds or provide housing habitat. Why not grow your own food? Or have lots of pretty flowers decking your pots, baskets & Planters, whilst having lush foliage to look at in your personal space


We can offer just about anything, from 25 types of different tomatoes (cherry, plum, yellow, beef), most veg/fruit plants (weird courgettes, sweet peppers, very hot chilli-peppers, lettuces, onions, leeks, peas, beans, cucumbers, aubergines, melons & calabrese, including romano, blueberries, raspberries in varying colours, thornless blackberries, strawberries, peaches, plums, pears, figs, apples etc. Ornamental herbaceous perennials that would make Gertrude Jekyll blush, David Austin Roses, unusual shrubs/trees that make me blush, of varying sizes from small to absolutely huge, pleached screens, topiary, bedding plants for floriferous displays in pots, containers, planters, hayracks & baskets (e.g. lobelia, geraniums, begonias,impatiens etc.).

Also fertilisers/nutrient regimes, mycorrhizal inoculums, soil conditioners, composts (including peat-free), fixings for climbers & baskets, tools, indoor plants (including Red Banana's, Sansievera & Succulents). Tree Ferns, Ginger Lillies, Cycads, Dahlia's, Citrus Trees..... The list goes on. As you like, what you like. 

If we can be of service please email or ring 07784 676755. A pricng list will folow shortly.

A Flying View. of Capo Testa SAC, Sardegna

A Wonderful, Crazy Chap talking about Plants

Dusty Gedge ramblings about Greenroofs


Ecological Surveys, Reports

& Risk Assessments

Habitats: Design, Creation

& Long-term Management

Greenroofs & Walls: Design,

Installation & Maintenance

Garden & Landscape Maintenance

Garden & Landscape

Design & Construction

Plants Supply/Procurement

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For more Information about services or to get in touch about a project email: telephone: 07784676755

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